Desert Safari

Dune Buggy Ride

Enjoy the thrilling self-driving experience of a high power Dune buggy on the desert and feel the adventure . The hydro-dynamic buggy with 1.8 Litre Engine and fully automatic transmission gives you amazing comfort and exciting Dune Bashing experience. Our expert team will provide lead and back up of your dune buggies during the entire ride. Soft drinks and water are served during the rides. Book your dune buggy safari today - Call +971 50 808 4140 or mail at

Liwa Adventure

To the huge dunes

Taking that adventurous spirit that bit further why not take on the immense empty desert of Liwa! This amazing area of the earth provides a 50 million square mile fun ground for four wheel driving through UAE, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Rubal Khali (Empty Quarter). The two day trip will put your driving skills to the test, stopping to sleep under the clear, quiet, unpolluted starry night sky. Lead and back up cars are provided with safety and camp equipment so you know you’ll be well prepared for the wilderness.


Price available on request, with minimum numbers required